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Tech Bits Empowering Educators to Teach with Technology with FREE Statewide Training

Throughout the state, RECs are providing free virtual professional development each month. Virtual sessions are recorded and saved so that educators can have them as resources.

Think of your REC Tech Bits as the teacher down the hall that you turn to for tech questions or new tech programs—that friendly helper you know you can turn to for support.

Watch our calendar to see what is being offered, or look back at what has already been given. We have 10- to 30-minute quick tips and new and exciting educational technologies for you to try out for student engagement. Your RECs are here to help you feel comfortable using and teaching with technology!

Google Suite Videos

13 New Gmail Features 2023

Google Calendar New Features

Google Drive Top 10 Features

Google Docs – Checklists

Google Docs Citations

Google Tabs: Margins

Google Hyperlinks

Paint Roller

Google Sheets Intro

Google Add Ons

Google Sheets Filters

Google Sheets Pivot Tables

Google Forms Intro

Top 11 Google Doc New Features

Teaching with Google Earth

Google Forms, Part 2

Google Forms – Certificates

Google Voice Typing

Google Sheets Simple:Complex Formulas

Google Sheets Conditional Formatting

How to Insert a Video or Audio in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Embedding Video and Audio (step by step) in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Google Sheets: Advanced Functions

Google Sheets: Conditional Formatting

Google Sheets: Basic Formulas and Functions

4 Excel Hacks (AM Session)

4 Excel Hacks (PM Session)

Hacks to Make Your Data Useful (2.5)

4 Hacks to Make Your Data Useful

Understanding Your Data

Understanding Your Data (PM Session)

Understanding Your Data (Expanded)

Excel: Tips & Tricks

Understanding Your Data Techniques

Creating Macros to Automate Data Entry

4 Hacks for User Friendly Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel: Freeze Panes

Microsoft Excel-Merging Cells

Graphs and Charts – AM

Graphs and Charts – PM

Excel Gradebook Part 1

Excel Gradebook Part 2

Microsoft Word Videos

Mail Merge

Fonts and Format Painter

Inserting Pictures, Shapes, and Icons

Inserting Smart Art Graphics and Diagrams

Bullets and Numbering

Text Boxes

Adding Headers, Footer, and Auto Dates

Adding Hyperlinks to Your Documents

Adding Columns

Customizing Text Styles

Creating Digital Forms with Microsoft Word

Digital Forms & Templates Part 2

Creating Individualized Certificates and Awards by MailMerging

Other Microsoft Office Suite Videos

My Calendar Can Do That?

Calendar Categories and Recurrences

The Wonders of OneNote

Staff and Class OneNote

Create an Escape Room Activity with OneNote

Powerpoint Coach

Presentation Swagger with Microsoft Sway

Immersive Reader

Teams Basics

MS Publisher 101

Creating Visual Supports in MS Publisher

Better Presentations to Engage Your Audience

How to Insert a Video or Audio in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Embedding Video and Audio (step by step) in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Reading Coach

Adobe Videos

Adobe Express with Diego Part 1

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop PM Session

Adobe Illustrator Part 1

Adobe Illustrator Part 2

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro Part 1

Adobe Premiere

Make Adobe PDF Files Non-Editable

Adobe Suites AfterEffects, Part 1

Adobe Suites All in One!

Adobe Suites All in One with Diego – Afternoon

Adobe Express with Diego Part 2

Adobe InDesign 2

Creating a Fillable Form – AM Session

Creating a Fillable Form – PM Session

Photoshop and GIMP Basics

Empowering Student Creativity: Unleashing Web Page Design with Adobe Express

Misc Videos

Picture Files #2

Classroom Dojo

Canva for Educators

Create QR Codes


Classroom Screen

Classroom Screen

Beginners Nearpod

Advanced Nearpod with Microsoft

Integrating Nearpod with your LMS

Let’s Get Quizzical! Quizlet & Quizizz

Cyber Hygiene: Keeping CyberSecure

Safe Passwords with Password Managers

Ways to do Screenshots!

Ride the Wakelet Wave!



Formatting Using Picture Files Pt 2

Favorite Tech Sites for Educators

LiveScribe Smartpen

Screenshots with a PC

Screenshots with a MAC

Pear Deck in the Classroom

Creating Lessons with Flip

Freebies on the Web!

Creating a YouTube Channel and Uploading Videos

Kahoot! For your Classroom

More Freebies on the Web

Canva in the Classroom – PM

Whiteboard Chat

Creating a Bitmoji Classroom – PM


Low Tech Digital Solutions, Cognition, Communication, and Learning

Using the Snipping Tool to Create Picture Files

Recap REC4 2022-23

Accessibility Throwdown – Ipad Version

Tools to Make Work More Efficient!

Tech Bits – YouTube Style

Maximizing Efficiency in Education: Empower Yourself with ChatGPT Your Personal Assistant

Video Production

Image Resolution Pete Monro True Kids

Basic Digital Media Pete Monroe

Video Production Workflow

Digital Animation on the Go

Mobile Video Editing Basics

Video File Sizing Exporting and Uploading

Video Creator Starter Kit

CapCut – Video Editing for Educators