Disciplinary Literacy Coach and Disciplinary Literacy Coach Coordinator Job Opportunities

NWRECA is hiring a disciplinary coach coordinator and a disciplinary literacy coach.

What is disciplinary literacy? “Disciplinary literacy involves the use of reading, reasoning, investigating, speaking, and writing to learn and form complex content knowledge appropriate to a particular discipline.” (McConachie & Petrosky, 2010). Disciplinary literacy is not a new term for reading in the content areas (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2012); instead, it emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and tools of the experts in each discipline – the mathematicians, historians, authors, and scientists who communicate, use, and create knowledge in their respective discipline. Disciplinary literacy is not about a set of strategies we can use to help students organize text or make connections among words; it is referring to the ways of thinking, knowing, and doing that are consistent with each discipline.